For many years, industrial sites have been using paper, spreadsheets, word processor documents, scattered databases and other inadequate data collection and sharing tools for crucial human procedures like Shift Handover, which add unnecessary risks to worker safety.
To solve this problem, companies have digitized these processes, giving them better communication, consistency, and control. However, choosing the wrong digital operations management platform can also lead to unexpected problems.
For over 20 years, j5 International (Part of Hexagon) has been developing solutions to these problems. j5 Operations Management Software is one evolving framework of operations management and process safety applications, connecting people and processes from across an organization.
j5 Operations Management Software is not an underdeveloped add-on or a loss leader, it is a solid platform that has been continually developed over a sustained period.

j5 Operations Management Software in Japan: A Kaizen Success Story


Downstream Oil and Gas Assets


Upstream Oil and Gas Assets

j5 Operations Management Software is used by over 85% of the Downstream and 100% of the Upstream Oil and Gas assets in Japan. As a result, the solution has been developed in industries with a strong continuous improvement (Kaizen) philosophy.

Aerospace Manufacturing
Airport Management
Chemical Manufacturing
Downstream Oil and Gas / Refining
Food and Beverage Production

j5 Offices and Delivery Partners
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
Midstream Oil and Gas / Pipelines

Particle Acceleration
Pharmaceuticals / Medical Manufacturing
Power Generation

Satellite Management
 Transport Management
Upstream Oil and Gas / E&P
Water / Municipality Utilities
Weather Monitoring