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What is j5?

j5 is a collection of integrated web applications that log, organize and manage the operating, safety and compliance processes of industrial sites through a single web-based user-interface. j5 is a complete and configurable stand-alone solution which seamlessly integrates with industrial systems including DCS, SCADA, Historians, Maintenance and ERP. Browse through our applications for more information on how j5 can work for your enterprise.

electronic operator logbook  Operations Logbook

j5 Logbook allows you to electronically record events and follow up actions through its intuitive browser-based interface.
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shift handover software application  Shift Handover

j5 Handover supports best practices for shift communications, incorporating integrated data from multiple plant systems data of record.
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NERC compliance management  Compliance Management

j5 Compliance is a comprehensive compliance management system that helps meet the needs of corporate and regulatory bodies.
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What Our Clients Say

After 8 years of contacts and meetings with j5 representatives, the level of confidence towards this Company has never changed and always remained at a very high level. I would recommend this Company to any potential customer.
Laurent Hardy, ESRF

What Our Partners Say

As a delivery partner, j5 International has demonstrated a high level of excellence and commitment to the success of a key LNG client in Singapore. The team carries deep industry experience and is able to bring forth best practices when defining the solution blueprint, in most cases already embedded in their existing applications. I would definitely recommend j5 to my next client.
Marcus Chan, Accenture

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