j5 International, a leading provider of Operations Management Software, have written a Case Study with the Downstream Oil and Gas / Refining company – Wakayama Petroleum Refining – who are using the j5 Operations Logbookj5 Shift Handoverj5 Work Instructions, j5 Standing Orders, j5 Inspection Rounds and j5 Incident Management applications at their sites in Japan.

The management of Wakayama Petroleum Refining‘s operations involves close collaboration between many teams on the plant including Safety, Maintenance, Management, Planning, Real-Time Control, and Personnel.

Wakayama Petroleum Refining needed a comprehensive Operations Management System for information sharing, automating routine tasks and reports, and ensuring procedures were consistently followed.

The j5 suite operates off a unified user-interface powered from a single, central server. It can be accessed from any browser that is connected to plant’s network.  Users can select between Japanese and English.

j5 makes important shift, inspection round, personnel, safety, maintenance and process information visible to users across the whole refinery.  This fosters greater understanding, coordination, knowledge transfer and communication between teams, and improved decisions.

j5 delivered a professional consulting service that gave us a clear understanding of our current situation and goals.  We selected j5 as the de facto global standard for achieving competitiveness in operations management.  We rely on j5 for logbook,handover, work instructions,standing orders, near misses and mobile inspection rounds.  We would like to extend our use of j5 to other applications in the future.

Nobuyuki Takahashi, Executive Director, Kainan Plant Manager, Wakayama Petroleum Refinery

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