j5 International, a leading provider of Operations Management Software, have written a Case Study with the UK’s largest Water company – Thames Water – who are using the j5 Operations Logbookj5 Shift Handoverj5 Work Instructionsj5 Standing Orders and IndustraForm® applications at their Kemble Court Operations Management Centre.

Thames Water were using inconsistent time-consuming tools in the Operations Control Centre and their Shift Handover process; increasing organizational risk and inefficiencies, such as:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Paper
  • Word Processor Documents
  • Verbal Only Meetings

To solve this problem, Thames Water decided to commission an E-Logging project to provide greater visibility, retrieval and audibility of Water Control information.  Thames Water evaluated several E-Logging solutions in the marketplace and selected j5 International as their preferred vendor.  The j5 Operations Bundle (j5 Operations Logbookj5 Shift Handoverj5 Work Instructionsj5 Standing Orders) and IndustraForm® was selected to fulfil Thames Water’s E-Logging requirements.  The j5 Operations Bundle is used to log crucial routine information and provides an effective and informative Shift Handover, which facilitates the sharing of relevant information with operational teams.  The structured escalation process within j5 also benefits Thames Water customers, with emerging risks tackled quicker; reducing the risk and severity of events.  Additionally, a custom module for the handling of Events was created to support the work of the Duty Managers.

The implementation of j5 across the Water Control function has given greater visibility of
on-going issues and given us a consistent and accountable handover tool.

Ant Tyler, Systems Operations Compliance Manager, Thames Water

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