OSIsoft PI World 2019

OSIsoft PI World 2019

OSIsoft PI World 2019 1920 933 j5 International (Part of Hexagon)

Jon Running, Mark Marantica, Mike Montgomery and Don Brundage recently exhibited at OSIsoft PI World 2019. The conference ran from the 8th to the 12th of April in San Francisco with over 2800 attendees at the event. 

It was great discussing and demonstrating the gains of digitizing human processes such as Shift Handover and Permit to Work with the added benefit of aligning them with real-time data.

j5 Operations Management Software has been implemented in over 85% of the Downstream Oil and Gas Refineries and 100% of the Upstream Oil and Gas assets in Japan, with this percentage rising each year.

By integrating OSIsoft PI System technology into j5 Operations Management Software, companies have real-time situational awareness into operations and safety issues. These PI integration points coupled with j5 Applications and j5 IndustraForm® Templates, powerfully combine human processes with real-time data.