The release of j5 2017.2 has brought exciting new features to j5 Operations Management Software, including j5 Permit to Work (Mobile Extension).

j5 Permit to Work brings mobility to the Permit and Certificate applications, allowing the permit process to continue out in the field without requiring staff to regularly return to the control room. Combined with IndustraForm® technology, this provides a powerful and flexible mobile Permit to Work solution, putting organisations in control of their processes without requiring costly customisations from a vendor.  The same flexible IndustraForm® applications are used on desktop computers and the mobile devices.  When using the j5 Mobile application, any permits and certificates created on a desktop computer can be synced to the mobile device.  From there users can view permit details, review and record isolations, edit values, perform and receive approvals, and more, all without needing to return to a control room to manually enter data.  This reduces the risk of data entry errors, and reduces process overheads by avoiding unnecessary staff movements.

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