New in 2017.2 – j5 IndustraForm® Mobile

New in 2017.2 – j5 IndustraForm® Mobile 150 150 j5 International

The release of j5 2017.2 has brought exciting new features to j5 Operations Management Software, including j5 IndustraForm® Mobile.

j5 Mobile users can view and edit the same IndustraForm® options that are available on desktop computers.  All the benefits of IndustraForm® technology are available on the mobile device, including workflows, approvals, advanced calculations, data validation, and more.  These can easily be customized to suit an organization using the spreadsheet-like j5 IndustraForm® Designer application.  As a result, desktop and mobile applications are now in sync and there are no advanced source code programming skills required to modify or add new mobile applications – such as j5 Shift Handover forms – to the j5 Framework.  IndustraForm® applications on j5 Mobile allow for the viewing and editing of any IndustraForm®.  For example, the Permit and Certificate applications in j5 Permit to Work have been built using IndustraForm® technology, allowing the permit process to continue out in the field without requiring staff to regularly return to the control room.