New in 2017.2 – j5 IndustraForm® Designer

New in 2017.2 – j5 IndustraForm® Designer 442 270 j5 International

The release of j5 2017.2 has brought exciting new features to j5 Operations Management Software, including the j5 IndustraForm® Designer.

The powerful j5 IndustraForm® Designer, is used to easily convert and design forms – that would be typically recorded on paper, spreadsheets, word processor documents and so on – into an enterprise wide electronic format, that is optimised for desktop computers and mobile devices.  The j5 IndustraForm® Designer, also makes it easy to add tags from Data Historians / SCADA / DCS systems to j5 using a spreadsheet-like interface.  Visual elements like charts and spark lines can be configured with external data, to give personnel a customized window into the real-time process.