j5 International, the only Operations Management Software provider offering spreadsheet configurability and enterprise scalability, have written a Case Study with the Midstream Oil and Gas / Pipelines company – JX Nippon Oil & Energy Kiire Terminal Corporation – who are using the j5 Operations Logbookj5 Shift Handoverj5 Work Instructionsj5 Standing Ordersj5 Inspection Rounds and

j5 Incident Management applications at their sites in JapanJX Nippon Oil & Energy Kiire Terminal Corporation are also OSIsoft PI System users and interface real-time data into the human j5 processes.  They also use the j5 Event Manager to monitor PI Tags for anomalies.

JX Nippon Oil & Energy Kiire Terminal Corporation needed a comprehensive, integrated operations management system to improve event logging, shift handover, work instructions, inspection rounds, near misses, abnormal events, DCS limit changes, asset maintenance and reports.

They saw the need to improve data visibility and communication between operations teams and other business units.  JX Nippon Oil & Energy Kiire Terminal Corporation also wanted to unlock the potential benefits of the OSIsoft PI System by automating reporting and event management.

j5 makes important shift, inspection round, personnel, safety, maintenance and process data visible to the whole Kiire Terminal team.  This fosters greater understanding, coordination, knowledge transfer and communication between teams, and improves decision-making.

j5 Operations Management Software saves on time preparing reports and extracting data.  Accuracy is improved through integration with the OSIsoft PI System.  j5 provides a consistent, intuitive user-interface with multiple applications, unifying and simplifying the management of operations.  The simplicity, comprehensiveness and unity of the j5 architecture also make it reliable and cost effective to maintain.

We selected j5 as our standard Kiire Terminal tool for solving our past operations management issues and we are now achieving increased competitiveness.

Yukichi Tanaka, Planning and Coordination Group, JX Nippon Oil & Energy Kiire Terminal Corporation

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