j5 Japan User Conference 2017

j5 Japan User Conference 2017 1920 1183 j5 International

Following the successful j5 Japan User Conference 2016j5 Japan hosted the j5 Japan User Conference 2017 at the Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa on the 12th of September.  This was the fourth annual j5 Japan User Conference – with the first in 2014 – and there were 120 participants.

The agenda was as follows:

12:30 to 13:00: Reception Open

13:00 to 13:15: Opening Speech – j5 Japan President – Mr. Hiroshi Osaka

13:15 to 14:00: (Keynote Speech) Safety Management in Chemical Plants – Japan Chemical Industry Association Executive Director – Mr. Yutaka Haruyama

14:00 to 14:40: Two Game Changers in Operations Management (Tighter Integration with Real-time Systems and Mobile Device Extensions – j5 International Technical Advisor – Mr. David Fraser

14:40 to 15:10: Break

15:10 to 15:50: (User Presentation) How the j5 System Works in Plant Operation Innovation – Showa Denko K.K Production Technology Department – Mr. Kyohei Shimoda

15:50 to 16:30: The Surprising Benefits Seen by Leading Global Industries who are Introducing a new Breed of Operations Management Technologies – j5 Japan President / j5 International CEO – Mr. Hiroshi Osaka / Dr. Nicholas Hurley

16:30 to 17:30: Panel Discussion – Japan Petroleum Exploration Co.,Ltd. (JAPEX) / Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. / JX Kiwari Oil Base Co., Ltd. (NOST) / j5 Japan – Mr. Kenji Kawai / Mr. Takashi Koyama / Mr. Yukichi Tanaka / Mr. Hiroshi Osaka (Chairman)

17:30 to 19:30: Party

Established in 2014, j5 Japan has implemented j5 Operations Management Software in over 65% of the Downstream Oil and Gas Refineries and almost 100% of the Upstream Oil and Gas assets in Japan, with this percentage rising each year.

j5 Operations Management Software is being used at the following Japanese companies: