We are delighted to announce the 2017 release of the j5 Framework and the j5 Integrated Development Environment (IDE).  The j5 Framework 2017 includes enhancements to the IndustraForm® feature first released in j5 Framework 2016, including real-time data charting and enhancements to workflow and role management.  The j5 IDE 2017 release adds support for the new features of j5 Framework 2017, together with a number of user interface enhancements.


IndustraForm® Spark-lines and Charts


j5 2017 adds support f or spark-lines and charts for viewing real-time process data in an IndustraForm®.  Spark-lines provide a compact view of the data allowing the user to immediately view data trends and the final value.  Charts provide a richer view of the data including support for multiple data series on a single chart, configurable axes and simple value comparison.  Spark-lines and charts are included in the PDF export of an IndustraForm® which provides richer reporting capabilities to IndustraForm® users:



Expanded View Improvements


j5 2017 adds the capability to display a sub log below the main detail view for a record and also displays counts for the number of records in each tab:



j5 Dashboard Templator


The j5 Dashboard Templator allows report developers to create Dashboards that include Bar or Stacked Bar
charts based on j5 application field data simply by using configuration files in the j5 IDE:



IndustraForm® Roles


The j5 2017 release adds support for roles in an IndustraForm®.  This allows f or the roles associated with a process – Operator, Supervisor, Manager etc. – to be defined and the participants to be assigned in the IndustraForm®.  In addition to documenting the participants involved in a process, these roles can be used to control permissions in the IndustraForm® (for example, controlling the edit permissions of an IndustraForm® section or controlling which role is responsible for a section approval):


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