Shift Handover Software

Why Is This Technology of Crucial Importance?

Common Shift Handover Problems

Poor Shift Handover processes have caused catastrophic incidents, creating an important requirement for more efficient, consistent and detailed data at this crucial point of day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, there are still inadequate time consuming tools being used during the Shift Handover process, which increase organisational risk and inefficiencies, such as:

Word Processor Documents
Inconsistent Verbal Meetings

Text / Instant Messages


Scattered Databases


Phone Calls / Radio

Multiple MES Applications

The Impact Poor Shift Handover Has on Personnel

Conducting poor Shift Handover along with messy data collection makes personnel feel uneasy and worried about their general safety.   This makes daily operations a difficult and frustrating task, with time consuming paper forms, scattered spreadsheets and databases.  The following day-to-day problems are common at sites using the above poor Shift Handover methods:

General Safety Concerns

Increased Exposure to Injury

Reduced Responsibility

Process Frustration

Lower Motivation

Wasted Time


Lack of Standard Operating Procedures

10 Industrial Accidents Where Poor Shift Handover Was a Contributory Factor

Often a combination of the above tools is used at Shift Handover, adding even more confusion and black holes of data to the process.  The Swiss Cheese model of accident causation highlights that holes can easily appear in the defence layers between hazards and accidents.  Unfortunately, these information gaps – which can appear during a poor Shift Handover process – have resulted with disastrous consequences highlighted by these 10 Industrial Accidents Where Poor Shift Handover Was a Contributory Factor:

The j5 Shift Handover Software Solution

The comprehensive j5 Shift Handover Software tool is used by many large multinational organisations to improve shift to shift communication and to reduce the risk of any potential hazardous incidents.  Our solution meets The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Shift Handover recommendations by ensuring that:

The Impact Consistent, Safe and Fully-Informed Shift Handovers Has on Personnel

Thankfully, a solution exists to give site personnel confidence at Shift Handover and more time to operate their plants effectively, resulting in the following benefits: