Manage Changes Affecting an Industrial Process with Consistent, Formal Procedures

According to the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE):

“If a proposed modification is made to a hazardous process without appropriate review, the risk of a process safety accident could increase significantly.”

As a result, Management of Change (MOC) is a best practice used to ensure that safety, health and environmental risks are controlled when a company makes changes in their facilities, documentation, personnel, or operations. Many industrial sites use a combination of in-house built solutions, spreadsheets, word documents and scattered web applications leading to irregularities, lack of co-ordination and inefficiencies. The lack of an efficient system can create a safety hazard for personnel and a state of confusion where change requests are not administered correctly. These inconsistencies result in a lot of unnecessary work (and re-work) within the plant to ensure the changes are understood and carried out correctly.

Therefore, industrial sites require a solution that standardizes the management and tracking of processes across a plant. The solution must be a single enterprise application across all departments to ensure consistency across the business. This solution must enforce standard management processes for change requests, track the change request life-cycle and ensure all the correct actions are executed on time without costly exclusions.

To remedy these pains, companies across the world utilize j5 Management of Change (MOC). The j5 MOC application provides a logical and intuitive means of recording MOC events. It gives accredited stakeholders the ability to create MOC records, control the processes around these records and effectively manage the changes through having complete visibility at every step of the process.

IndustraForm® technology allows different MOC procedures to be added easily and a comprehensive starter IndustraForm® is included in the j5 MOC application. This IndustraForm®  is based on the DuPont MOC procedure and includes a seven-gate mechanism with many options that can be removed for simplified requirements.

Key Features and Benefits:

Easy to Use

j5 has an intuitive MOC framework

Consistent MOC Data

Ensures consistent formatting, structure and content entry

Safely Process the MOC

j5 has a seven-gate established procedure that will ensure that every critical consideration has been examined and acknowledged

Eliminates Paper, Spreadsheets and Scattered Databases

MOC documentation is all in the same place

Saves Time

Efficiently prepare the MOC study report package for review by the committee

Advanced Workflow Capabilities

Receive relevant notifications on the status of all the MOC entries

Fast Search and Filtering

Quickly create the necessary Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reports

Integration With Other Industrial Systems

Link the MOC to documents in the EDMS and maintain control of the revisions of the documents

Integration With Other j5 Applications

Categorize MOC using the standard j5 Framework tools

Real-time MOC Monitoring

Get an overview of all MOC entries via the Dashboard

Web Browser Based

j5 Applications are readily available within a familiar browser environment

Tried and Tested in Different Industries Worldwide

j5 Applications are being used successfully in diverse areas and industries

The j5 Management of Change Application Can Be Used Across Many Industries:

Chemical Manufacturing


Food and Beverage Production



Pulp and Paper


Case Studies:

With the j5 Management of Change Application you can:

  • Appoint qualified personnel to be responsible for the processing of the individual MOC entries
  • Safely process the MOC via a seven-gate established procedure that will ensure that every critical consideration has been examined and acknowledged
  • Efficiently prepare the MOC Study Report package for review by the committee
  • Carry out a qualified risk analysis of the proposed system
  • Classify the MOC and consistently create justifications for its implementation
  • Enforce the safety of the procedure through the built-in checklists and punch lists that will ensure every aspect has been considered at each gate
  • Create actions and appoint personnel to carry out these actions so that the MOC progresses at a steady pace
  • Get notifications of the progress of actions and of any overdue actions
  • Approve (or deny) the MOC and rigorously and efficiently create the MOC design package
  • Receive help and guidance messages to ease the processing of the MOC

  • Link the MOC to documents in the EDMS and maintain control of the revisions of the documents
  • Ensure that punch list items and checklist items are carried out during the PSSR phase
  • Sign off the mechanical completion and manage the commissioning of the new system
  • Receive relevant notifications on the status of all the MOCs
  • Get an overview of all MOC entries via the Dashboard
  • Precisely track all steps of the process through the in-built automatic audit log
  • Quickly make changes to the workflow using the j5 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to ensure that the workflow evolves to the HSE requirements of the company
  • Quickly create the necessary Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reports required by the users and regulatory authorities using the built in reporting tools
  • Simply manage and assign roles to the key stakeholders and associate these roles to their areas of responsibility

Want a demonstration of j5 Management of Change?

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