j5 Incident Management

Track the Progress of Near Misses or Incidents

The crucial management and tracking of Incidents and Near Misses through the many departments in an organization is often carried out with a diverse range of paper, spreadsheets, word documents and unconnected web / notes applications. This results in a “home-grown solution” in each department, meaning there is a different Incident Management procedure in each department. Leading to inconsistencies, maintenance issues, missed deadlines, lack of co-ordination and widespread frustration.

To bring these processes into control, it is necessary to adopt a single enterprise application across all departments that will enforce standard, accepted work practices in a clear, consistent manner and provide the necessary coordinating directives to ensure the actions are executed on time without costly omissions.  In addition to bringing predictability, consistency and procedures to the processes, this kind of structure supports and meets the needs of ISO certification.

To remedy these pains, companies across the world utilize j5 Incident Management. Built with IndustraForm® technology, the j5 Incident and Near Miss Management application delivers controlled, consistent management of Incidents and Near Miss tasks across all departments in the enterprise in a configurable, easy to use web interface. If the j5 Operations Management System is present, the j5 Incident Management application also allows the creation of j5 Standing Orders to communicate information about Incidents and Near Misses across the organization.

Key Features and Benefits

The j5 Incident Management Application Is Used Across Industries


Food and Beverage Production



Pulp and Paper