Productively Manage the Continuous Stream of Work Instructions

On any day in an industrial site, there are Work Instructions issued by Planners, Maintenance and Operations Supervisors and Controllers.  It is vital for the productivity and safety of the site that these Work Instructions are carefully and efficiently carried out.  Operational personnel need a Productivity Tool that will track all these instructions to ensure that the associated tasks are carried out on time and to the required standard.  j5 Work Instructions allows operations teams to manage Work Instructions in a consistent and efficient way using a browser based web application.

Key Features and Benefits:

Easy to Use

j5 has an intuitive work instructions framework

Consistent Work Instructions

Ensures consistent formatting, structure and content entry

Wide Visibility of Operations Data

Work Instructions are easily shared across departments and operations personnel

Eliminates Paper, Spreadsheets and Scattered Databases

j5 acts as a central repository for managing daily operating instructions

Saves Time

Automated and efficient data entry reduces employee workload

Advanced Workflow Capabilities

Task management and automated workflows ensure Work Instructions are delivered and completed

Fast Search and Filtering

Quickly look for and report on specific Work Instructions

Integration With Other Industrial Systems

Link the Work Instructions to the CMMS (such as Maximo) / SOP’s or Permit to Work systems

Integration With Other j5 Applications

Compare and contrast data across all of the j5 Applications

Ease of Monitoring

Use dashboards and standard filters to identify easily if Work Instructions are put on hold or overdue

Web Browser Based

j5 Applications are readily available within a familiar browser environment

Tried and Tested in Different Industries Worldwide

j5 Applications are being used successfully in diverse areas and industries

The j5 Work Instructions Application Can Be Used Across Many Industries:

Chemical Manufacturing


Food and Beverage Production



Pulp and Paper


Case Studies:

With the j5 Work Instructions module, as a Console or Field Operator you can:

  • See all your Instructions in a summary view
  • Get detailed information about the instruction so you can efficiently complete it
  • Mark off the instructions as you complete them so that the Planners and Supervisors can clearly see the progress
  • See instructions that have been automatically scheduled
  • See the instructions that have been automatically copied into your handover log

As a Supervisor, Superintendent or Manager, you can:

  • Create Work Instructions in a simple intuitive framework
  • Use the built-in Template System to quickly and consistently create Instructions based on a standard
  • Schedule the Work Instructions to be carried out according to a simple (e.g. every 24 hours) or more specific schedule (e.g. on the first Monday of the month.)
  • Assign the instruction to a specific person or role and a specific operating area or piece of equipment
  • Attach documents and screenshots to the instruction so it can be precisely carried out
  • Create step by step tasks that are to be associated with the work instruction
  • Associate the instructions with a specific tag or piece of equipment so you can easily see all logs tied to that equipment
  • Link the Work Instructions to the CMMS, Standard Operating Procedures or Permit to Work
  • Monitor the progress of the instructions in real-time
  • Use the Work Instruction Dashboard to get an overview of the status of all the areas and drill down to any bad actors
  • Receive Alerts if Instructions are put on hold or become overdue
  • Get reports on the time taken for Instructions and statistics on the performance of staff and areas

j5 has contributed to the efficient and stable operation of INPEX assets. Information is standardized and accurate and therefore easier to retrieve.
Jinsei Li General Manager Information Management and Technology Unit at INPEX
We rely on j5 for logbook, handover, work instructions, standing orders, near misses and mobile inspection rounds.
Nobuyuki Takahashi Kainan Plant Manager at Wakayama Petroleum Refinery
We have developed the Operations Logbook for implementation at our manufacturing plant.
Operating Group Manager JX Nippon Oil & Energy
j5 has given greater visibility of on-going issues and given us a consistent and accountable handover tool.
Ant Tyler Systems Operations Compliance Manager at Thames Water
We selected j5 as our standard Kiire Terminal tool and we are now achieving increased competitiveness.
Yukichi Tanaka Operation Planning and Import Affairs Group at JX Nippon Oil & Energy Kiire Terminal
Want a demonstration of j5 Work Instructions?

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