j5 Standing Orders

Communicate, Distribute and Track Instructions

At industrial plants, it is important for operators and other personnel to understand key instructions that relate to their process, to ensure a smooth and safe operation. Traditionally, key instructions would be written in the control room on a whiteboard, but this method has limitations. The whiteboard approach cannot be effectively audited, is not mobile and accountability may become an issue if certain key functions are not performed.

Whiteboards are designed to be temporary, with text constantly written over and deleted. Therefore, important bulletin board instructions are not historically recorded and can be carelessly deleted without warning. Acknowledgements are messy, and it is difficult to know for sure that personnel have individually acknowledged the orders, without an electronic record. Personnel operating outside of the control room may also never receive important messages due to their movements in other areas of the plant. Mobile workers may also feel disconnected from the process of acknowledging key instructions.

To remedy these pains, companies across the world utilize j5 Standing Orders. This web browser based system can be configured to meet a site’s specific requirements, from mandatory recorded information to the specific approval workflow which is to be enforced within your plant. j5 Standing Orders keeps a full record of all changes, ensuring an accurate and complete audit trail is available. Individual j5 Standing Orders are created, approved and assigned by authorized personnel.

j5 Standing Orders Mobile, also allows field operators to receive and acknowledge j5 Standing Orders remotely. In addition, j5 Standing Orders can be monitored using a dedicated Dashboard. Reminders and notifications can be set up to ensure that all j5 Standing Orders are acknowledged when required, ensuring your site is operating efficiently.

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