No single event creates more incidents on an industrial site than the handing over from one shift crew to another.  For each handover, the right data needs to be collated – not more, not less – including manual logs, daily tasks, equipment status, real-time data, maintenance info, personnel, abnormal situations, incidents, checklists and so on.  Handover reports are sometimes manually prepared, which is time-consuming and leads to errors and the omission of key information, thereby exposing incoming personnel to safety hazards.  In addition, many industrial companies have handover processes that are weak, inconsistent between units and sites, or not consistently enforced.  Historical handover data is often difficult to retrieve and analyze.  j5 Shift Handover allows personnel to communicate and transfer shift information in a consistent, efficient way within a browser based web application.

Key Features and Benefits:

Easy to Use

j5 has an intuitive shift handover framework

Consistent Shift Handover

Ensures consistent formatting, structure and content entry


Information is made visible to all personnel on site, and multiple sites, via a simple browser interface

Reduces Paper and Spreadsheets

j5 acts as a central repository for all relevant operations data, replacing paper systems, spreadsheets and stand-alone databases

Saves Time

Standard reports and automatically collated data mean less time is spent preparing routine reports and recapturing data

Reduces Human Error

The automation of data collection also improves accuracy

Supports Workflows

Checklists, electronic sign off and workflows ensure a structured handover process

Fast Search and Filtering

j5 makes it easy to locate shift turnover data relating to past or current shifts

Integration With Other Industrial Systems

j5 makes it possible to pull data from other systems such as historians (e.g. Wonderware, the OSIsoft PI System®), maintenance (e.g. IBM Maximo, SAP PM), laboratory and DCS.

Integration With Other j5 Applications

j5 Shift Handover collates data from other j5 Applications like the j5 Operations Logbookj5 Incident Management, j5 Work Instructions and j5 Permit to Work

Web Browser Based

j5 Applications are readily available within a familiar browser environment

Tried and Tested in Different Industries Worldwide

j5 Applications are being used successfully in diverse areas and industries

The j5 Shift Handover Application Is Used Across Many Industries:

Chemical Manufacturing


Food and Beverage Production



Pulp and Paper


Case Studies:

With the j5 Shift Handover module, as a Console or Field Operator you can:

  • See a comprehensive set of all the data relevant to your area that has been collected automatically by the system.
  • See key real-time, mobile and lab data in your area that has been automatically appended to your handover
  • See Work Order and Work Instruction information that relates to your area for the shift
  • See HSE information like Permit to Work, Incidents and Compliance Information, appended automatically
  • See a summary of the personnel on the shift with you
  • Run through an end-of-shift checklist to confirm that everything has been done safely
  • Drill down into any of the attached logs to see more details
  • Add notes, comments and highlights to the handover
  • Escalate important items to the supervisor for attention
  • Instruct the system to email key logs to other users
  • Follow the required steps to sign off the handover safely for the incoming operator or boardman

As a Supervisor, Superintendent or Manager, you can:

  • See all logs as they are entered by Operators and other operations personnel
  • Use the one-touch filters and personal bookmarks to drill down into the data to view items of concern
  • Add your own logs to the system and add notes to the operator logs
  • Receive email notifications on urgent or critical logs that have been entered or automatically added by the system
  • Escalate logs of concern so that you are sure important events are dealt with
  • View and manage your handover and view the operators’ handovers and the day report
  • Easily monitor specific information such as Bypass Logs, Open Logs, Safety Logs, etc.
  • Closely monitor the events in near real-time via dashboards and email notifications

j5 has contributed to the efficient and stable operation of INPEX assets. Information is standardized and accurate.
Jinsei Li General Manager Information Management and Technology Unit at INPEX
We rely on j5 for logbook, handover, work instructions, standing orders, near misses and mobile inspection rounds.
Nobuyuki Takahashi Kainan Plant Manager at Wakayama Petroleum Refinery
It has become an essential tool. Logbook entries from twelve remote sites can now can be easily reviewed.
Plant Manager Calpine
We have developed the Operations Logbook for implementation at our manufacturing plant.
Operating Group Manager JX Nippon Oil & Energy
j5 has given greater visibility of on-going issues and given us a consistent and accountable handover tool.
Ant Tyler Systems Operations Compliance Manager at Thames Water
We selected j5 as our standard Kiire Terminal tool and we are now achieving increased competitiveness.
Yukichi Tanaka Operation Planning and Import Affairs Group at JX Nippon Oil & Energy Kiire Terminal
Want a demonstration of the j5 Shift Handover Software?

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