j5 Product Movements

Track Transfers and Volumes of Industrial Fluids

Often, major global oil and gas production centers – such as the US Gulf Coast, Rotterdam, Singapore and Japan – are not adjacent to the large oil and gas retail centers. As a result, this causes a requirement for a large volume of day-to-day Product Movements through pipelines, by marine vessels, or by rail. There are various stages an operations team must manage when processing a Product Movement, such as: 

  1. Order Recording
  2. Ship / Truck / Pipeline Detail
  3. Scheduling
  4. Transfer
  5. Summary
  6. Billing

The j5 Product Movements application allows users to track transfers and volumes of industrial fluids, providing an enterprise-wide platform for this routine process. It comes standard with an IndustraForm® which handles a range of possible transfer measurement types, covering both embedded and manual level measurements, as well as flow totalizer and manual volume measurements. It aims to be a flexible solution to a company’s Product Movement recording needs.

Key Features and Benefits

The j5 Product Movements Application Is Used Across Industries

Chemical Manufacturing