Operations Managers are under ever-growing pressure to maintain control on the manual and automated aspects of their business and report event and KPI details to various stakeholders.  Real-time events consistently occur across industrial plants and personnel require a tool to record and manage them.  The j5 Event Manager ensures that all real-time events are properly recorded and the correct workflows are put in place.  For example, if a plant boiler goes above a recommended temperature, the j5 Event Manager can record this in the j5 Operations Logbook and assign a Work Instruction and send an email / SMS alert to the responsible person on site.  Therefore, the j5 Event Manager allows workers to react to site events effectively and ensures all high risk events and trends are recorded thoroughly.

Key Features and Benefits:

Easy to Use

j5 has an intuitive real-time data tag watch list framework

Consistent Event Data

Ensures consistent formatting, structure and real-time data collection

Wide Visibility of Operations Data

Have a window into the real-time process

Eliminates Paper, Spreadsheets and Scattered Databases

j5 acts as a central repository for operations data (human and real-time)

Saves Time

Makes it easy for site personnel to get notified immediately (via the Tag Watch List) of any event or KPI excursions or warnings in a single easy-to-understand summary view

Advanced Workflow Capabilities

Actions and Alerts arising from incidents, alarms and abnormal readings are made available to site personnel in real-time

Fast Search and Filtering

Quickly look for and report on specific real-time events

Integration With Other Industrial Systems

Link external events into the tag watch list, e.g. from historian (Wonderware, the OSIsoft PI System®, IP.21) and maintenance (CMMS) systems

Integration With Other j5 Applications

Categorize events using applications like the j5 Operations Logbook

Real-time Events Monitoring

No important real-time events are missed by site personnel on shift and during Shift Handover

Web Browser Based

j5 Applications are readily available within a familiar web browser environment

Tried and Tested in Different Industries Worldwide

j5 Applications are being used successfully in diverse areas and industries

The j5 Event Manager Application Can Be Used Across Many Industries:

Chemical Manufacturing


Food and Beverage Production



Pulp and Paper


Case Studies:

With the j5 Event Manager Application you can:

  • Quickly create a Tag Watch List that monitors real-time data tags for events, providing a window into the real-time process
  • See the value and status of hundreds of different Tags through the Tag Watch List
  • Automatically record entries in the Operations Logbook when an event is detected providing visibility to the operations staff with a single easy-to-understand summary view of the event
  • Quickly drill down to get details of an event
  • Ensure that events are properly recorded through their inclusion in the standard shift reports

We selected j5 as our standard Kiire Terminal tool and we are now achieving increased competitiveness.
Yukichi Tanaka Operation Planning and Import Affairs Group at JX Nippon Oil & Energy Kiire Terminal
Want a demonstration of the j5 Event Manager?

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