j5 Action Management

Systematically Manage and Track Actions

Within any industrial operations department, there is a constant allocation of activities, tasks, plans and projects across individuals and teams that requires efficient Action Management. If these actions are recorded on paper, spreadsheets, word processor documents, emails or disconnected applications, there is a lack of coordination and focus, lowering operations performance. The National Research Council Canada recommend that an organisation’s Action Management system:

  • Provides delegates with clear directions
  • Focuses on disciplined execution
  • Fosters compliance with plans and standards
  • Monitors ongoing adherence to performance, project or operational plans
  • Effectively manages and addresses performance issues

To remedy these pains, companies across the world utilize j5 Action Management. This application allows users to assign, define, manage and track actions which are related to the processes managed in j5 Operations Management Software applications. These actions have a standard workflow which allows users to manage their part of the process with ease. The j5 Action Management application allows users to effectively monitor and complete tasks with clean dashboardsreports and email notifications that are customised to each user, job role or action source.

Key Features and Benefits

The j5 Action Management Application Is Used Across Industries


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