Within any industrial Operations department, there is a constant allocation of activities, tasks, plans and projects across individuals and teams that requires efficient Action Management. If these Actions are recorded on paper, spreadsheets, word processor documents, emails or disconnected applications, there is a lack of coordination and focus, lowering operations performance. The National Research Council Canada recommend that an organisation’s Action Management system:


  • Provides delegates with clear directions
  • Focuses on disciplined execution
  • Fosters compliance with plans and standards
  • Monitors ongoing adherence to performance, project or operational plans
  • Effectively manages and addresses performance issues


To remedy these pains, companies across the world utilize j5 Action Management. This application allows users to Assign, Define, Manage and Track actions which are related to the processes managed in j5 Operations Management Software applications. These actions have a standard workflow which allows users to manage their part of the process with ease. The j5 Action Management application allows users to effectively monitor and complete tasks with clean Dashboards, Reports and Email Notifications that are customised to each user, job role or action source.

Key Features and Benefits:

Easy to Use

j5 has an intuitive Action Management framework

Consistent Actions

Ensures consistent formatting, structure and content entry

Interact Actions with Operations Data

Generate and manage Actions from real-time process data

Eliminates Paper, Spreadsheets and Scattered Databases

j5 acts as a central repository for operations data

Saves Time

Can quickly design and maintain an Action Management strategy that will meet the needs of the site

Advanced Workflow Capabilities

Get notified immediately (via email) of any overdue Actions

Fast Search and Filtering

Quickly look for and report on specific Actions

Integration With Other Industrial Systems

Generate Actions from other industrial software, for example, from Data Historian and CMMS – such as SAP PM and IBM Maximo – systems

Integration With Other j5 Applications

Interact with Actions across j5 Operations Management Software

Real-time Action Monitoring

Monitor the progress of Actions using Dashboards and Reports

Web Browser Based

j5 Applications are readily available within a familiar browser environment

Tried and Tested in Different Industries Worldwide

j5 Applications are being used successfully in diverse areas and industries

The j5 Action Management Application Can Be Used Across Many Industries:

Chemical Manufacturing


Food and Beverage Production



Pulp and Paper


With the j5 Action Management Application you can:

  • Assign, Define, Manage and Track Individual Actions
  • Interact with Individual Actions within j5 Operations Management Software
  • Follow a standard workflow with individual users fulfilling various roles (e.g. Initiator, Responsible Person, and Final Approver)
  • Assign sub-tasks which detail how to complete an Action
  • Monitor the progress of Actions using Dashboards and Reports
  • Set personal email reminders
  • Setup an approval process for each Action
  • Add notes to Actions
  • Consult the workflow audit log to view all of the chronological changes made to an Action
  • Schedule repeated Actions
  • Easily create multiple instances of the same Action assigned to multiple users (for example, a department)
  • Set a Target Start Date and a Target Due Date
  • Display Projected Scheduled Actions

Want a demonstration of j5 Action Management?

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