• j5 OEM OSIsoft PI System®

    Integrate OSIsoft PI System Technology into j5 Operations Management Software

By integrating OSIsoft PI System technology into j5 Operations Management Software, companies have real-time situational awareness into operations and safety issues.  These PI integration points coupled with j5 Applications and IndustraForm® provide a rich combination that combines human processes with real-time data:

Together, j5 International and OSIsoft can help companies transform their operations processes in the evolving era of increased situational awareness. It’s the foundation for producing “smart” applications.
Aaron Pratt Director of Global IoT Platforms at OSIsoft
Coupling j5’s powerful Operations Management applications with OSIsoft’s real-time system gives our end-users an exciting new landscape that will quickly bring them substantial rewards.
Dr Nicholas Hurley CEO and Founder of j5 International

j5 integrates seamlessly with the OSIsoft PI System®, bringing real-time and historical data into the j5 Operations Management Software suite.  j5 also writes and stores values in this Data Historian based on readings remotely logged with j5 Inspection Rounds.

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