Conduct Rounds and Collect Field Information with Mobile Devices

Despite the push towards automation and IOT, approx. 40% of process data is not collected and recorded automatically.  Many enterprises still rely on clipboards for inspection rounds and field data collection, but with its obvious benefits, the move towards mobile is well underway.  However, not all mobile devices and solutions are equal.  Enterprises must navigate challenges like: optimal inspection round design, ensuring inspections are actually performed, identifying and managing anomalies at source; data security, off-line availability, data synchronization, operating system selection, handling updates to operating systems, selecting devices and facilitating the observation of standard operating procedures.  The j5 Inspection Rounds system provides a hardened, field proven mobile solution that uses Android devices, which seamlessly integrates with other j5 Applications.

Collect Information During Inspection Rounds

Eliminate Paper and Clipboards with the integrated j5 Mobile system

Eliminates Paper and Clipboards

Increases data clarity and lowers the risk of data loss

Real-time Data Logging

Display and enter operations data across the corporate network

Integrate Photographs, Videos and Documents

Take and upload photographs and videos, and edit documents in the field

Manage Unacceptable Field Values Instantly

Respond to alerts without having to return to the control room

Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows

Compatible with Intrinsically Safe Devices (we are constantly expanding these devices, please Contact Us for the latest device list):

Ecom Tab-Ex® 01 | Zone 1/21 & DIV 1

Ecom Tab-Ex® 01 | Zone 2 & DIV 2

Ecom Tab-Ex® 01 | DIV 2

Panasonic Toughpad® FZ-B2

Panasonic ToughPad® FZ-X1

Samsung Galaxy Tab® Active

The j5 Inspection Rounds Application Can Be Used Across Many Industries:

Chemical Manufacturing


Food and Beverage Production



Pulp and Paper


Case Studies:

With j5 Inspection Rounds, as a Field Operator, you can:

  • Collect information during Inspection Rounds and enter the information directly into the mobile device (numerical values, selectable option lists, calculated values etc.)
  • Be warned of any values that are outside of their configured range
  • Enter free text logs into the mobile computer that will be displayed in near real-time on the corporate network within the j5 Operations Management System (OMS)
  • Integrate photographs and videos into the rounds
  • See historical trends of data on the device to assist in ascertaining if the equipment needs more attention
  • Navigate through sections, task groups, and tasks using touch or barcode scanning
  • View details of specific tasks
  • Receive pop up messages to provide contextual info and guidance for exception handling
  • View spark lines and basic trend line data
  • Enter comments to describe abnormal conditions
  • Promote comments to Operations Logbook entries identifying the category and priority
  • Complete Inspection Rounds, even out of wireless range

As a Control Room Operator, Supervisor, Technical Person or Manager, you can:

  • See field information collected on mobile computers
  • See the field collected information automatically in your Shift Handover reports
  • See exceptions in near real-time to quickly identify problem areas
  • View key field-collected data on a Dashboard
  • Configure and schedule inspection rounds from the standard desktop j5 Application
  • Monitor progress on planned and view completed Inspection Rounds
  • View completed Inspection Round reports (trend Dashboards and Custom Reports are available as part of project work)

SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) / SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP):


The j5 solution is built using well-supported mobile enterprise application libraries and technologies. These currently include software from the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP), SAPUI5 / OpenUI5, Apache Cordova, and the OData protocol for synchronization. The system also supports deployment on the SAP Hana Cloud Platform (HCP). By using this technology, j5 is able to provide rapid support of new devices and operating systems in the evolving world of mobile devices and operating systems, provide world-class synchronization technology between the server and the device, including store-and-forward when the device is offline, language support, and easy integration with mobile device management tools. Advantages include:

Out of the box support for the latest releases of mobile platforms

Support releases for latest versions are timely

Android, iOS and Windows

Out of the box support for mobile peripherals is inherent in the system

Barcode (Camera), GPS, Bluetooth

World Class Synchronization Technology

Built-In secure communication over VPN that is part of the SMP solution

Built in language support

Screen UI configuration is in the tool set

Multiple communication protocols (cradle, Wi-Fi, cellular)

We rely on j5 for logbook, handover, work instructions, standing orders, near misses and mobile inspection rounds.
Nobuyuki Takahashi Kainan Plant Manager at Wakayama Petroleum Refinery
We selected j5 as our standard Kiire Terminal tool and we are now achieving increased competitiveness.
Yukichi Tanaka Operation Planning and Import Affairs Group at JX Nippon Oil & Energy Kiire Terminal
Want a Demonstration of j5 Inspection Rounds?

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