j5 Mobile Applications

Conduct Rounds and Collect Field Information with Mobile Devices

Due to the proliferation of mobile technology, operators at industrial sites are no longer confined to desktop computers and control rooms. Mobile logging of data – such as Inspection Rounds – is an important part of health and safety culture and many plant operators still rely on paper checklists and clipboards for field data collection. Using this method, after data is written down, the results are usually manually entered in a spreadsheet, database or disconnected application, wasting valuable time and creating unnecessary problems such as:

  • Difficult to find or illegible information
  • Delays in follow-up actions to solve operations and safety issues
  • Lack of control and task guidance for personnel
  • Disconnected cameras, required for photographic evidence of problems

j5 Mobile Inspection Rounds

j5 Mobile Inspection Rounds supports the design and execution of operator rounds (for field inspections and data collection).  This application can communicate through the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) or directly to the j5 server and can operate without being connected to a network.


j5 Mobile Operations Logbook

j5 Mobile extends the current j5 Operations Logbook application to mobile devices, delivering current j5 Operations Logbook entries of either open or closed status to the field user and allowing the field operator to create new or comment on existing j5 Operations Logbook entries. These entries or edits are also available outside of network connectivity and synchronized when the mobile device comes into range.


j5 Mobile Standing Orders

Extends the capabilities of the j5 Standing Orders application, delivering sets of high level operations orders and instructions to the field operator, which may need to be referred to or acknowledged by the user when they are away from the control room.


Mobile IndustraForm® Templates

j5 Mobile users can view and edit the same IndustraForm Templates that are available on desktop computers. All the benefits of IndustraForm technology are available on the mobile device, including workflows, approvals, advanced calculations, data validation, and more. These can easily be customized to suit an organization using the spreadsheet-like j5 IndustraForm® Designer application.

As a result, desktop and mobile applications are now in sync and there are no advanced source code programming skills required to modify or add new mobile applications – such as j5 Shift Handover forms – to the j5 Framework. Applications on j5 Mobile allow for the viewing and editing of any IndustraForm Template. For example, the Permit and Certificate applications in j5 Permit to Work have been built using IndustraForm technology, allowing the permit process to continue out in the field without requiring staff to regularly return to the control room.

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