Properly Manage j5 Configuration and Customization

In the ever-changing industrial world, it is essential to use flexible software that can be customized, configured and extended. The j5 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and j5 IndustraForm® Designer provide easy access to many powerful j5 configuration and customisation options.

Applications, like the j5 Operations Logbook, can be extended; desktop and mobile IndustraForm® applications can be added and modified; permissions can be customised; and so on.  The j5 IDE and j5 IndustraForm® Designer have built-in version control, ensuring that all changes are properly managed, and that any changes that are problematic can be rolled back.

Using the j5 IDE, a completed j5 configuration project is turned into an installable configuration bundle (MSI) allowing the configuration changes to be deployed in a controlled and repeatable fashion.

j5 IndustraForm® Designer:


The powerful j5 IndustraForm® Designer, is used to easily convert and design forms – that would be typically recorded on paper, spreadsheets, word processor documents and so on – into an enterprise wide electronic format, that is optimised for desktop computers and mobile devices.  The j5 IndustraForm® Designer, also makes it easy to add tags from Data Historians / SCADA / DCS systems to j5 using a spreadsheet-like interface.  Visual elements like charts and spark lines can be configured with external data, to give personnel a customized window into the real-time process.

With the j5 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) you can:

  • Create and modify an IndustraForm® (using the j5 IndustraForm® Designer)
  • Get easy access to j5 configuration and customization options
  • Extend j5 Applications without the risk of negatively affecting the core application code
  • Properly manage changes with built-in version control
  • Easily roll back changes if required
  • Test, stage and deliver to production in a controlled and repeatable fashion
  • Maximize configurator productivity by having a single user interface
  • Merge multiple configuration utilities into one cohesive package

  • Extend j5 Applications while maintaining forward compatibility with future j5 releases
  • As a j5 Partner, manage your clients’ j5 configuration effectively
  • Easily deploy identical j5 configurations to multiple environments
  • Safely build new j5 Applications without affecting the performance of the j5 System
  • Bring more depth to your j5 system by deploying industry-specific applications
  • Extend your j5 system internally without extra financial cost
  • Complete the Online Training Course to become an expert user
  • Tailor your workflows and applications to your unique business requirements

Want a demonstration of j5 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)?

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