With the sheer quantity of information now available on industrial sites, operations personnel now rely on a good Dashboard system to get a functional overview of their work environment.

To manage all the aspects associated with an industrial process adequately, operations personnel require a comprehensive repertoire of reports and an easy to use, powerful report designer.

The j5 system allows users to deploy Dashboards and Reports across all of the j5 Applications and beyond.  These j5 business intelligence tools allow Operations and HSE personnel to monitor and act on all plant issues.  The j5 system brings information from all corners of a plant (Control Room, Field, Management, DCS, CMMS (IBM Maximo) and so on) and empowers users to have a central reporting system which captures information from all of these data sources.

With the j5 Dashboards you can:

  • View standard in-built dashboards for the individual j5 applications like the Operations Logbook, Incident Management etc.
  • Can view large amounts of information in an easy to understand format
  • View aggregate data (for example incidents per unit or incidents per category) to quickly pick up trends
  • Pick up anomalies or abnormalities quickly using the color and shape highlighting of the dashboard
  • Monitor KPI’s and parameter trends and use these to drill down to more details
  • Use hotspots within the dashboard to navigate to associated dashboards, reports or to records in the j5 Modules
  • Interactively filter information on the dashboard for example to see profiles at a given unit or between specified times
  • Create custom dashboards using the j5 Dashboard Templator
  • Link Dashboards together to create logical composite structures that enable users to easily find information

With the j5 Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT) you can:

  • Can choose from a range of standard j5 reports
  • Create custom reports
  • Can insert charts, trends and other easy-to-understand widgets into your reports
  • Schedule reports or instruct the system to create reports on an event
  • Link in real-time information for analysis
  • Insert “hot points” in the reports to drill down to more detailed reports
  • Instruct the system to email reports to nominated operations personnel

With the j5 Timeline View you can:

  • View form entries in a Gantt-style Timeline
  • View when j5 Work Instructions, j5 Permit to Work elements and so on are scheduled to start and finish within a selected period
  • Configure any form to provide this view mode
  • Access this feature on an enabled form with one click
  • View details of an entry by clicking on it within the Timeline
  • Visualize the density of entries over time

With the j5 Plot Plan you can:

  • Quickly view the location of j5 entries on your site
  • Manually add locations.
  • Identify dangerous areas using j5 Permit to Work etc.
  • Increase awareness of field operator locations; reducing risk of exposure to prohibited areas
  • Click on plotted entries to view additional information

With the j5 Calendar View you can:

  • Quickly view entries by Day, Week and Month in any j5 Application
  • Configure any form to provide this view mode
  • Access this feature on an enabled form with one click
  • View details of an entry by clicking on it within the Calendar
  • Visualize the density of entries over time

Want a demonstration of j5 Dashboards and Reports?

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