Please note this is a conceptual IndustraForm® application.

Compliance with external and internal standards and regulations is both critical and challenging.  Compliance covers a broad range of disciplines, encompassing safety, the environment, quality, energy usage and others.  It often involves the collection of both real-time and manual data, compiling statistics and generating reports in prescribed formats.

Regulatory authorities require that KPI’s relating to the performance of the plant(s) are recorded and reported, as well as information on excursions.  They often require evidence that plans exist to minimize the chance of future excursions and that these plans are being executed in practice.  Carrying out all these duties accurately and efficiently requires considerable effort by various personnel within the organization.

The conceptual j5 Compliance Management IndustraForm® application could enable various operations personnel within an organization to manage all of these compliance duties efficiently and consistently.  It could help ensure compliance with internal policies and the requirements of the relevant local and national regulatory authorities.

Potential Features and Benefits:

Easy to Use Framework

j5 has an intuitive framework suited to Compliance Management

Consistent Compliance Management Data

The j5 Framework would ensure consistent formatting, structure and content entry

Log Compliance Events Using Best Practice Standards

Compliance duties could be managed efficiently and consistently

Eliminates Paper, Spreadsheets and Scattered Databases

Compliance Management documentation would be in the same place

Saves Time

It would be possible to easily edit and improve Compliance Management process workflows, approval requirements, audit trails, and reporting requirements

Advanced Workflow Capabilities

Customizable reports and IndustraForm® workflows allow clients to match their business rules to Compliance attainment

Fast Search and Filtering

It is possible to quickly create the necessary Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reports

Integration With Other Industrial Systems

Would allow full Compliance reporting

Integration With Other j5 Applications

The j5 Framework allows all j5 Applications to interact

Real-time Compliance Monitoring

Can provide improved control over the rectifying procedures after a Compliance warning or non-compliance event

Web Browser Based

j5 Applications are readily available within a familiar browser environment

Tried and Tested in Different Industries Worldwide

j5 Applications are being used successfully in diverse areas and industries

The Conceptual j5 Compliance Management IndustraForm® Application Could Be Used Across Many Industries:

Chemical Manufacturing


Food and Beverage Production



Pulp and Paper


Case Studies:

With the Conceptual j5 Compliance Management IndustraForm® Application you Could:

  • Efficiently manage all compliance work processes across a facility
  • Improve control over the rectifying procedures after a compliance warning or non-compliant event occurs
  • Get customizable reports and workflows which allow clients to match their business rules to compliance attainment
  • Get peace of mind that you are meeting the requirements of corporate, regulatory and fiduciary bodies
  • Have the ability to easily edit and improve compliance management process workflows, approval requirements, audit trails, and reporting requirements
  • Log compliance entries with best practice standards
  • Monitor the status of each compliance log
  • Receive automatic notifications
  • Assign non-compliance noted workflow
  • Generate full compliance reporting
  • Maintain an audit trail on all compliance-related activities

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