j5 2017.2 – Elevate Your Shift Handovers

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j5 International are delighted to announce the release of j5 2017.2:


“j5 2017.2 elevates the solution to the only operations management software with spreadsheet configurability and enterprise scalability.”


Dr Nicholas Hurley, Founder of j5 International.

Shift Handover – A Key Issue

Many organisations are still using paper, spreadsheet, word processor and other scattered data collection methods to record and manage crucial Shift Handovers. Investigations have found that poor Shift Handover was a contributory factor in devastating industrial accidents such as the Occidental Piper Alpha Explosion (1988), BP Texas City Refinery Explosion (2005) and BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (2010). Shocking disasters like these have highlighted the risks that appear during inadequate Shift Handover processes. As a result, company management should seriously consider:




j5 2017.2 – Elevate Your Shift Handovers



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