Driving Shift Excellence

Driving Shift Excellence

Driving Shift Excellence 800 445 j5 International (Part of Hexagon)

Informed workers are a critical part of the layers of protection that keep you, your communities and business safe.

Driving Shift Excellence helps you reduce risk, gain new levels of efficiency in information gathering and enable enterprise-wide communication across teams.

Operations personnel should not have to question their safety due to poor Shift Handover processes; their friends and family are counting on them to get home safely. Using paper forms and spreadsheets to document shift activities leads to unnecessary risks at already complex plants. Driving Shift Excellence can significantly improve shift activities and ultimately reduce risk.

An internal study of 50 accidents from the last 35 years shows the devastating impact and cost of human procedural error.

Shift Excellence simplifies a process that used to take hours of data entry: teams efficiently work with j5 Operations Logbook entries, j5 Work Instructions, and j5 Standing Orders throughout the shift, to address anomalies and effectively communicate with the on-coming shift. Shift Excellence is powered by j5 Shift Operations Management.

Aligning shift to shift communication gives workers and managers clarity to operate with excellence. Learn more: https://hexagonppm.com/digital-transformation-solutions/shift-excellence