Shift Handover

j5 Shift handover software application

It is estimated that over 70% of global industrial operations lack an organized and controlled method for managing shift handovers.  This can result in critical information not being transmitted between shift teams, increasing the risk of human error, losses and safety incidents.

The j5 Shift Handover application automatically collates all events that are recorded directly into the j5 system or integrated from other systems and assigns this information to the correct shift team and location at your plant. The system allows for electronic signatures from incoming and outgoing personnel, checklists and reports, resulting in a consistent and controlled handover process.

The j5 Shift Handover application can be extended to include new sources of data, new areas of a plant, or new plants, and each handover is arranged in a hierarchy so that information can be easily escalated to supervisors and management as required.

Shift Reports are stored in the system for future reference and can be automatically emailed to authorized personnel.

Additional reports may be created, or the standard report can be extended to include additional information. Alternatively, the interactive dashboard displays can be configured to provide users with a visual representation of shift activities and critical information.

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  • Standard handover report
  • Comprehensive set of relevant data
  • Extendable and compatible with all j5 applications
  • Standard forms and configurable checklists
  • Drill down capability to see full details of any event or item
  • Add notes and comments to the handover
  • Personnel summary for shift
  • Configurable workflow for shift approval and escalations
  • Interactive integrated dashboard displays
  • Visibility of work instructions assigned and status
  • Visibility of permits issued and status of work orders
  • Key tag information read in at shift handover point from Process Historian
  • Capture all triggered events (boundary management) at turn over point
  • Read real-time data from DCS, SCADA, Process Historian, CMMS, ERP
  • Ensures safety through easy to use end of shift check list
  • Flexible and extendable through configuration options
  • Decreases risk of incidents caused by poor communication
  • Increases overall efficiency through sharing relevant information with shift crew

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