Conduct Rounds and Collect Field Information with Mobile Devices


    Record, Track and Manage Industrial Events


    Communicate and Track Instructions

With the volume of information required to manage HSE systems and the pressures on site personnel to perform quickly and efficiently, the traditional interface with desk-based systems is fast becoming untenable.  More and more companies are using mobile solutions to deliver important information directly to the operations staff so that they can manage the operations without having to return to their desks.

Mobile Inspection Rounds:

j5 mobile Inspection Rounds supports the design and execution of operator rounds (for field inspections and data collection).  This application has been recently enhanced by being built on the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) and can operate without being connected to a network.

Mobile Operations Logbook:

j5 Mobile extends the current Operations Logbook application to mobile devices, delivering current logbook entries of either open or closed status to the field user and allowing the field operator to create new or comment on existing log entries. These entries or edits are also available outside of network connectivity and synchronized when the mobile device comes into range.

Mobile Standing Orders:

Extends the capabilities of the current Standing Orders application, delivering sets of high level operations orders and instructions to the field operator, which may need to be referred to or acknowledged by the user when they are away from the control room.

Deliver Important Operations Information Remotely

Collect Information During Inspection Rounds

Eliminate Paper and Clipboards with the integrated j5 Mobile system

Eliminates Paper and Clipboards

Increases data clarity and lowers the risk of data loss

Real-time Data Logging

Display and enter operations data across the corporate network

Integrate Photographs, Videos and Documents

Take and upload photographs and videos, and edit documents in the field

Manage Unacceptable Field Values Instantly

Respond to alerts without having to return to the control room

Compatible with Android

Compatible with Intrinsically Safe Devices (we are constantly expanding these devices, please Contact Us for the latest device list):

Ecom Tab-Ex® 01 | Zone 1/21 & DIV 1

Ecom Tab-Ex® 01 | Zone 2 & DIV 2

Ecom Tab-Ex® 01 | DIV 2

Panasonic Toughpad® FZ-B2

Panasonic ToughPad® FZ-X1

Samsung Galaxy Tab® Active

SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) / SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP):


The j5 solution is built using well-supported mobile enterprise application libraries and technologies. These currently include software from the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP), SAPUI5 / OpenUI5, Apache Cordova, and the OData protocol for synchronization. The system also supports deployment on the SAP Hana Cloud Platform (HCP). By using this technology, j5 is able to provide rapid support of new devices and operating systems in the evolving world of mobile devices and operating systems, provide world-class synchronization technology between the server and the device, including store-and-forward when the device is offline, language support, and easy integration with mobile device management tools. Advantages include:

Out of the box support for the latest releases of mobile platforms

Support releases for latest versions are timely


Out of the box support for mobile peripherals is inherent in the system

Barcode (Camera), GPS, Bluetooth

World Class Synchronization Technology

Built-In secure communication over VPN that is part of the SMP solution

Built in language support

Screen UI configuration is in the tool set

Multiple communication protocols (cradle, Wi-Fi, cellular)

Want a Demonstration of j5 Mobile Applications?

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