Design and Maintain a Compliance Strategy

To manage the HSE environment effectively, the Operations or HSE manager requires a comprehensive portfolio of tools that address the various aspects of a business. For example, one module should address Incident Management, another Compliance, and so on. The HSE Manager requires a holistic, integrated platform that effectively ties all these modules together.

With the j5 Process Safety Applications portfolio, you can:

  • View each of the modules using a single framework that has a common look and feel across all the applications
  • Can view information that originated in many different disparate sources such as from the real-time system or the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) system
  • Can use common tools to access a single, comprehensive and documented data set
  • Can instruct each of the modules to communicate with each other seamlessly, for example, a high reading in an inspection round can create a notification in the Compliance Module
  • Get a comprehensive overview of the complete data set using the in-built Dashboards and Summary Reports

Want a Demonstration of j5 Compliance Applications?

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